Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Le Tote - a Netflix for fashion?

I have a very simple, no-fuss attitude toward my wardrobe. Hating having a closet full of clothes, I own a few pieces of each type, some accessories, and a few pairs of shoes.

The Daily Connoisseur on YouTube emphasizes the 10-item wardrobe after her enlightening stay in Paris. I'm not far from that.

That said, even I get tired of rotating the same pieces at work and for play.

It'd be nice to introduce some new pieces and styles to the mix with no commitment. Never being photographed in the same thing twice à la the celebutantes...

I'm to the point now of posting about Le Tote, which, if you haven't heard, is "like Netflix for fashion." It's a monthly subscription box for higher-end clothing, and there are some notable perks:

  • You can actually receive an unlimited number of boxes - or Totes - per month because
  • As soon as you're finished with a Tote, you ship it back for free. It takes around 2-4 days to receive the next one. Free shipping both ways!
  • Each Tote contains three (3) garments and two pieces of jewelry ($200+ retail value).
  • You can rate the entire collection so that you'll (mostly) only receive items you love.
  • Never wash anything. Who has time for that! Free dry-cleaning is included.
  • With your first Tote, you receive a free [cute] tote bag. And now I use this bag nearly everyday to work and back. 
Free tote bag! Nice quality
Closeup detail of a skirt they sent me and front/back of Tote's accessories (which I loved)

Caveats, if any, include:
  • If you want to keep a piece - or forget to send something back - they charge you a 'Members' price for that item. (To me it's still fairly pricey. I have yet to receive anything I love that much.)
  • That said, you must send back everything in a Tote you don't want to keep at the same time.
  • You won't always receive items you love. So, sometimes, you won't get much mileage out of a Tote.

HOWEVER, following up on that last caveat, what brought me to write this post is that I am super impressed with Le Tote's customer service!

I emailed my stylist, Jessica, with a special request since I can only be comfortable in certain garments at this time that aren't specifically maternity. I didn't expect much accommodation, to be honest. (I have become jaded by poor customer service practices in general these days.) But, to my surprise, Jessica was totally accommodating, and indicated that my request would be granted for all future Totes!

At this point I'm a loyal subscriber! 

The monthly subscription fee is $49. If you prefer jewelry-only Totes, the fee is $19.

Can I just say, I am loving these new-agey services that give even the simple folk a taste of on-demand luxury. 


  1. I totally jumped on this! I'm starting with the jewelry since my collection is almost non-existent. So excited!

  2. Yes! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I get so excited when I see a new tote waiting for me