Thursday, August 28, 2014

On my wishlist: skincare

Inspired by Laura over at Buy Now/Blog Later, I'm going to share with you guys the ongoing list of skincare products I'm lusting over.

If a product is on my list, it means not only did my radar pretty much spazz out when I first heard about it, but I've also researched it across my mental encyclopedia of review sites including Makeup Alley, Sephora, Google Shopping (gotta find the best deal), and so on.

I don't want for much, so I'm choosy about spending my hard-earned money on any thriller products.

Without further ado.

1. Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser

A makeup artist namedropped Lom's cult-classic cleanser on my Roku one night and I was immediately intrigued. This stuff is supposed to make cleaning your face a ritual experience. We're talking hops, clove, eucalyptus, chamomile, and carrot seed oils to intoxicate. And, it comes with a muslin cloth to remove. Fancy.

Well, as luxe as it sounded, I wasn't too crazy about the paraben content, and the fact that it comes in a tub. I don't like sticking my fingers in things.


Morning Time Cleanser has the same active ingredients as the original, along with papaya fruit enzyme (which is a stellar exfoliant), sans the parabens, and comes in a tube instead. Bingo! Need it. When I'm ready to justify dishing out the $60 for it, of course.

2. Facial Radiance Overnight Mask

This mask, by the brand First Aid Beauty (never heard), appealed to me because you massage it on at night, wear it to bed, then wake up and do your normal routine. But, skin is visibly more lush and plush and glowy and fine.

I want it.

$38 if you're so inclined.

3. Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector

OK so this isn't a skincare product per se but it appeals to my desire to look fresh to death! From what I hear, this highlighter makes your skin positively GLOW without looking like you're using a $38 helper product. This kind of glow just doesn't come from within.

The shade I want is named Moonstone, which is the pale-gold-toned version. What excites me about that shade name is that 'Moonstone' was my go-to MAC Lipglass back in high school. Throwback! Just remembered that. I thought I was hot stuff.

Anyway, my girl BelleDuJourNYC on YouTube, or @DaraKaye, raved about this highlighter in her August favs video and pretty much sold me.

Tried any of these? Please let me know in the comments!

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