Sunday, August 24, 2014

My shower gel.

I'm starting this post because I kvell every time I get a whiff of myself post-shower. And I don't speak Yiddish.

We've tried all the body washes, from Bath & Body Works to high-end Crabtree & Ev and everything in between. But it's nice to be wooed back to basics - back to drugstore. The only qualifiers for drugstore bath & body success per my Virgo moon are any combination of:

  • Are there natural ingredients/benefits?
  • Are there luxe ingredients (essential or plant oils, salts, sugars)? i.e.
  • Can it work magic?
  • Does it have nice packaging? and finally, importantly

Smell is everything, as it can separate the cheapy from the luxury lines. However - why pay more for say, Bath & Body Works, whose scents seem to smell more or less like everything you've smelled before, when you can put your nose to work and fish out a drugstore gem!

And so it goes... My shower gel.

Softsoap Black Orchid & Velvet Hibiscus Moisturizing Body Wash - Smells LUXE, only 3 BUCKS! I'm not going to wax too poetic about the smell, as that's a subjective thing, but you'll have to have a whiff for yourself. The deep purple hues of its packaging add some nice feng shui to the shower wall. The thick, opaque gel has a rich lather and a little goes a long way. Skin's not too dry post-shower. It's a win on most fronts.

Check out this and the rest of the Fragrance Collection on the Colgate site, where you can find a list of ingredients and other pertinent infos. Shower on.


  1. Ooh sounds lovely! Shame I can't get hold of it in the UK though .. Love your blog layout ;) xx

  2. I knoww I feel the same way about all the great products you feature! Thank you and thanks for stopping by my blog and being my very first comment :) Be blessed! x