Saturday, September 20, 2014


I've been wanting to do this post for a while because I'm obsessed with the Essence of Beauty line of body mists I found in CVS.

Not only do they not smell cheap, they are cheap (at $7 a bottle) and have serious staying power. No lie, the scents linger all day and smell like expensive perfumes. Most are very floral or very fruity but don't come off as generic scents.

My favorite of the three I own are Modern Floral and In The Tropics. Modern Floral is a heavy, designer-esque floral fragrance that hits you with a bouquet that lasts all day while In The Tropics smells like an irresistible cocktail...mostly like peach schnapps. Exotic Blooms smells exquisite but I don't need it in my has sort of a crisp, clean, citrusy floral scent.

You'll have to check out the collection if your local CVS carries it. They have deals on them all the time.

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