Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bath time.

I swear by my Sunday ritual of epsom salt baths but admit to skipping them the past few weeks.

By now my body was achy, skin dull, and I generally felt low. I was used to that before having a salt bath for the first time - being pregnant and all - til I found that these baths literally make you feel you've had a full-body massage and detox/cleanse.

I cannot stress enough how therapeutic epsom bath soaks can be. Tonight, I needed one.

My little bath ritual consists of running hot-as-I-can-stand water, pouring in a generous amount of Calgon bath bubbles, and adding about two cups of Dr. Teal's epsom bath salts. Sometimes I'll add body oil. Tonight I added Garnier's 'Miracle' dry oil with avocado, almond, and olive oil. Each of these products can be found at your mass market or drugstore.

After running the bath I light a couple candles, turn down the lights then slink into the tub til I'm fully submerged. BLISS.

20 minutes is the minimum time to soften your skin and soak up the benefits of the epsom salts. During this time I decompress, breathe deeply, and after my pores are steamed and sweaty I'll do a mask.

Left: Dr. Teal's 'Comfort & Calm' Chamomile Epsom Salt Soaking Solution; Right: Freeman Beauty Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

Don't forget to re-hydrate after the bath! Drink a tall glass of water, relax, then get on with your night...

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